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Coconut Oil

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Cocofina Organic Coconut Butter 335 Grams

Cocofina coconut butter has a smooth texture with a creamy coco-nutty taste. This gift from mother nature not only tastes amazing, it is also good for you!

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EkoPura MCT Powder 450 Grams

MCT are Medium Chain Triglycerides and they contain fatty acids that naturally occur in coconut oil in this case. This MCT Oil Powder contains the best fatty acids including C8 and C10, which are more easily broken down by the body. The MCT Oil Powder from Eko Pura is vegan.

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Original Superfoods Organic Coconut Milk Powder 1000 Grams

Use the Original Superfoods Coconut Milk Powder as a convenient alternative to canned coconut milk. Add to curries, desserts, cakes, sauces, smoothies, yogurt or coffee. Simply mix 1-2 tablespoons with warm water to create rich instant cream or milk. It has a natural and exquisite aroma.

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Original Superfoods Organic Coconut Oil Extra Virgin 500 ML

De kokosolie, extra virgin, van Original Superfoods, is heerlijk als dressing op raw food, maar ook heel erg lekker in smoothies. De kokosolie is geschikt om te bakken, braden, frituren en wokken.

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PRL Premier Coconut Oil 486 Grams

Premier Coconut Oil contains raw, virgin, organic coconut oil. A quality source coconut oil is one of the most versatile and healthy oils to add to daily smoothies, salads and other foods. Due to its high smoke point, it is excellent for cooking and sautéing and mixes well with other oils.