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Privacy statement

As part of the privacy of our customers, we guarantee optimum discreetness with respect to your personal information. All legal and decency standards will be observed at all times.

How do we deal with this information?

The information stored in our database, is obviously used to process orders and to benefit improvement to our shop. If necessary we will use your information to get in touch with you.

Can I see my information?

Your personal information can always be retrieved by you and, if necessary, be removed or modified. Personal data are not disclosed to third parties

What are my rights regarding the registration?

You can by means a written request, which includes your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address, inspect the records we have of you. If we or third parties are disproportionately likely to suffer damages by your viewing of the records, we can arguably deny access. You will be informed of this decision within one month of receipt of the request for access, by e-mail.

How can I delete my data from the database?

Personal data will be deleted from the registration at request if:

• the data turns out to be incorrect;

• the registration of the data does not serve the purpose of the registration;

• the registration of the data is contrary to any statutory provision.