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Nuts & Fruits Bars

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Caroboo Raspberry & Honeycomb Crunch Choco Bar 35 Grams

Raspberry & Honeycomb crunch is the perfect fruity option with freeze dried raspberries and honeycomb pieces and a touch of natural raspberry flavouring.

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Caroboo Smooth & Creamy Coconut Choco Bar 35 Grams

For all the coconut lovers out there - this one's for you! Take yourself off to a tropical paradise with every bar - melt it in your porridge, add some in your baking or just snack on it when you need a Caroboo hit!

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Roobar Organic Cherry Party Bar 30 Grams

Would a party be a smashing success, if chocolate were not invited? Wonder no more, the answer is right in front of you: chocolate and cherries. Cherry Party is a feast for the senses and a true delight for you.

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Roobar Organic Mango Magic Bar 30 Grams

Crispy and irresistibly delicious, the new Roobar with Peanuts is your new favorite temptation on active and leisurely days!

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Roobar Organic Stawberries 4Ever Bar 30 Grams

Usually different, they complement each other. They are the perfect combo. Just like the strawberry and the banana. The succulent strawberry complements the sweet banana on top of the cashew nuts and dates at the heart of their yummy friendship in our new bar Strawberries 4ever. Pals, are you ready for this brand-new strawberry goodness?